The Home Care and Hospice Association of NJ has entered into an affinity program with Enterprise Fleet Management.  Please investigate this member benefit to save dollars.

Why provide vehicles for home health & hospice nurses?

The Home Health & Hospice Industry is the fastest growing industry in the U.S. and with this comes a high demand for agencies to recruit and retain the best nurses and caregivers as possible. One major way to do this is by providing a company vehicle for their caregivers. The information below will explore why providing company vehicles are beneficial for the agency and for the field staff.


Providing a company vehicle will allow Home Health & Hospice Agencies the opportunity to attract the best of the best with regards to nurses and employees that need to travel on a daily basis.


Providing company vehicles is a great way to keep the field staff loyal to Home Health and Hospice Agencies and it is also more likely for the field staff to have higher morale within their agency because they are not putting the wear and tear of day to day business driving on their personal vehicle.


Company vehicles would be considered as part of the total compensation package including salary and other benefits. Not putting business miles on their personal vehicle would be perceived as a major benefit and Home Health & Hospice Agencies are also able to extend the benefits of a maintenance, fuel and insurance program that they would otherwise miss by using their personal vehicle

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