2019 Federal Home Care & Hospice Priorities 

The Home Care & Hospice Association of NJ is the voice for New Jersey’s Home Health Agencies, Hospices and Health Care Service Firms on Capitol Hill. Let your voice be heard here:

Our federal priorities for 2019 are as follows:

Advocate for Appropriate Funding for Home Care & Hospice Services

  •  Oppose  regulatory proposals by Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) that disproportionately target Medicare Home Health and Hospice providers and threaten access to care 
  •  Oppose  any deficit reduction-related proposal or MedPAC recommendation that includes  the imposition of a co-payment on beneficiaries for Medicare Home Health and Hospice Services
  •  Oppose  efforts to reduce the annual market basket update for Medicare Home Health and Hospice services
  •  Support  efforts to reform the Home Health Wage Index to achieve parity among health care providers
  •  Oppose  consolidation of Medicare Fee for Service payments with Medicaid for dual eligible beneficiaries under control of state Medicaid programs

Ensure Stable & Adequate Funding for Workforce

  •  Support  funding for home care and hospice workforce education & training
  •  Support  legislation that promotes/enhances tuition aid and loan forgiveness opportunities

Ensure Safe, Effective & Flexible Standards to Promote Industry Quality & Growth

  •  Support  authorizing nurse practitioners to certify Medicare & Medicaid Plans of Treatment
  •  Support  increases in federal funding for new technologies & telehealth services and recognize telehealth as a bona fide Medicare service
  •  Oppose  mandates that jeopardize home health agency and/or hospice payments as a result of physician or other sector non-compliance 
  •  Support  rule change to bring about more effective and efficient policy for compliance with the Home Health Face to Face encounter requirement